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Emotional First Aid

Parents Emotional First Aid

This is not a parenting course, but focuses on a Parents’ own emotional wellbeing; helping them to identify their own early warning signs of emotional distress and develop their own sense of positive emotional health and wellbeing. The course will offer an overview of mental health and well-being in relation to being a Parent.

In a report from the Office of National Statistics a parent is quoted as saying “A parent is only as happy as their saddest child.”

It is our belief that likewise, a child’s emotional well-being and resilience is reflection of that modelled by their parents. If we can promote a greater sense of positive emotional wellbeing with the parents, it may create a healthier emotional environment within the family.


  • Explore and rediscover your sense of self
  • Identify early signs of emotional distress and the solutions we use to manage it
  • Recognise and understand your own emotional needs
  • Understand and develop your own positive emotional health
  • Explore the risks we pose to ourselves
  • Gain strategies to manage your own emotional well-being
  • Develop a support network with other parents


Session 1:
What is Parents’ EFA? – Exploring our own behaviours and seeing them as a solution to emotional distress.

Session 2:
Emotional Stuckness – Focussing on our own Anxiety. Understanding how it affects us and how we can overcome it.

Session 3:
Self Esteem – Understanding the concept of Self Esteem and how we can improve our sense of self.

Session 4:
Looking at Communication – How we express ourselves to others and building peer support.

Session 5:
The Risks We Pose to Ourselves – Using Peer consultancy looking at the various risks we pose to ourselves and others pose to us.

Session 6:
Looking After Yourself – Understanding the concept of Stress and how this manifests itself, especially being a Parent. What we can do to manage this and maintain our own emotional resilience.

The course costs £300 per person, based on a cohort of no more than 12 participants, delivered by two facilitators.


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