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Emotional First Aid

Peer Mentor Emotional First Aid

This course is delivered to Students in School/College/University. The course for the Students is divided into two halves.

Part one focuses on the Students own emotional well-being, giving them a greater insight into their own feelings and behaviours and encouraging reflection.

Part 1:
All about Me & U
(My Emotions and Understanding)

Session 1:
Introducing the course & setting the scene – Plenary session using ice-breakers to establish a sense of group identity before moving onto group discussions on what causes us emotional distress and the solutions we use to self manage it.

Session 2:
How emotions affect us – exploring four common emotions and how they affect our thoughts, behaviour and physiology.

Session 3:
Self Esteem & Confidence Building – Exploring the concept of self esteem and how we can build our confidence.

Session 4:
Stress Vs Support – Identifying our early warning signs to stress and developing our own support network.

Part 2: Becoming a Peer Mentor

Session 5:
The role of a Peer Mentor – exploring the various skills we have and need to develop to become Peer Mentors, paying particular attention to Empathy.

Session 6:
Communication – practical session developing our speaking & listening skills.

Session 7:
Risk, Worries and What to do – Understanding concepts of Safe Guarding & Child Protection – Session will also include a Q&A session with current Year 11 Peer Mentor.

Session 8:
Celebration & Review – Students will review the journey they have been on, and using reflective practice, explore what areas they need to develop. Students will share positive feedback on each other.


The course costs £300 per person, based on a cohort of no more than 12 participants, delivered by two facilitators.


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